Class of 2022: Stone


Xavier Amaro, Senior Feature Reporter

Luke Stone is a senior who spent the first three years oh high school at Olathe, but transferred to MHS at the beginning of senior year because most of his friends attend MHS.

“I’m really enjoying high school and am in comfortable place at MHS because it’s a new environment. I am able to make new friends on top of having most of my friends already here,” Stone said.

Stone says his favorite part of transferring schools is that all of his outside of school friends already attended. He and his friends enjoy hanging out, just and driving around town.

Stone  hopes to join the military after he graduates as he’s been speaking to some recruiters to weigh his options and see what each branch has to offer him.

“I want to join the Marine Corps because my dad was a Marine, but I also like what the Army has to offer. I’m still juggling my decisions,” Stone said.

Although Stone’s not sure how long he wants to serve our country, he knows that afterwards he wants to start his own leather working company or find a degree he’d like to pursue.

Moving schools has had a positive impact on Stone’s life, and he was a part of the football team who made it to the semi-finals for State.

“I really enjoyed how close I was with everyone on the team here, joining the team also made it a lot easier to make new friends,” Stone said. The biggest difference for him is the team’s chemistry. “My old team didn’t have the bond we all have here which makes it a lot easier to enjoy the game and play our best,” Stone said.

Stone says that football really helped build him into the person he is today & taught him work ethic as well as discipline.