Class of 2022: Vanchaik


Xavier Amaro, Senior Feature Reporter

Jaime Vanchaik is another very funny and easy to talk to senior at Montrose High School. Vanchaik says that his favorite part of high school was getting to live through such a wide field of experiences with many groups of people. He also said that high  school gave him so many crazy and obscure memories with so many people that he unfortunately might not see as much after graduation, one of the things he’ll cherish about his high school career.

“We were given the opportunity to learn about what life is all about together. I grew up with this group of people and others tend to take that for granted.” Vanchaik said that considering some people don’t get that blessing, he holds these years very dear to his heart.

“High school has been our last years as kids and our beginning years welcoming us to adulthood. We made the most of it and I regret absolutely nothing,” Vanchaik said.

Vanchaik tells us that for most of high school, he was unsure of what he wanted to pursue post graduation, “It was only until I won this really competitive scholarship called the Chang Chavkin Scholarship that I decided college was the move, with such a large quantity of money ad hard work, how could I pass up on it?” Vanchaik said. 

“Some people say that college is the best years of their lives, so I think I’m in for a whole new chapter,” Vanchaik said.

Vanchaik is likely be be going out of state for college, which is bittersweet given that Colorado has been his home all of his life and it’ll be tough leaving everybody behind. However, he’s ready to conquer his hopes and dreams along with making his loved ones proud. “Best believe I won’t forget where I came from either, there’s no place like Colorado,” Vanchaik said. 

Vanchaik really has no idea what he’s most known for in high school other than being “unapologetically me”.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about what other people perceived me as, but after a while I didn’t let it control me. Frankly, a different version of me exists in every other person’s mind, so regardless of how concerned I was, I could never really piece together what my public image was like.” Vanchaik said.

Either way, he was able to piece together who he saw himself as. He says he’d rather put a description on himself and let the rest of the world think however they like. “An image is self described, I’m grateful to have gained this attitude and allow myself to mature to another level. As lil uzi once said, ‘Now I do what I want, Now I do what I want,’ ” Vanchaik said. 

Vanchaik was deeply involved in the MHS soccer programs for the first three years and stopped senior year due to his unfortunate ‘loss of love’ for the sport. He played all of the Avalanche seasons in soccer, managed the girls soccer team, and put in the hardest work in the off season. “I loved being the type of teammate to encourage others to be committed and focused.”