Class of 2022: Charlie Andrade


Morgan Pelham

Senior Charlie Andrade is a very hard working, outgoing, and adventurous person. He enjoys staying active, like going to the gym and being outdoors.

He didn’t participate in any  “traditional team” sports, but was on the climbing team since his sophomore year and participated in the mountain biking club sophomore year.

“I created many memories with my friends that I was fond of in high school along with some not so good ones,” Andrade said.

Although Andrade had a pretty good high school experience,  he is very excited to start this new chapter of his life at Colorado Mesa University  for the first two years to finish his undergrads, and then transfer to the University Of Utah to finish his education in — there.

“Im looking forward to all the new opportunities and possible adventures that come after high school,”Andrade said.

Charlie plans on majoring in architecture, because he just feels like he’s just always had an interest in architecture.

Andrade chose architecture to study, because for one the university of Utah has one of the best architecture programs around the area. It’s not just close, but it also has a high job acceptance rate for college students right out of school.