Herod wins Teacher of the Year

Kylie Lange, Not editor

Montrose County School District hosted a Teacher of the Year ceremony on November 18th at the Pavilion, and our very own math and science teacher, Daniel Herod, took home the award at the high school level. The other two winners were Kimberly Martin of Johnson Elementary who won the elementary award, and Mark Liebenthal from Olathe Middle/High School also won the award.

Herod started his teaching career in the Denver area before coming to Montrose. He taught for 17 years at Northglenn High School where he taught everything from basic algebra to calculus. This is Herod’s seventh year teaching at Montrose High School. His time here he has taught both math and science classes. He has worked all over the building, and says that he has and never taught in the same classroom for two years in a row. This has enabled him to create strong professional relationships with many of his coworkers.

Currently he is at the “pinnacle of teaching” because he teaches AP physics, trigonometry and precalculus, and also works with students in credit recovery in the Engagement Center. He aids students who need extra help in classes, and also teaches students who are at a higher level in math and science. He teaches all levels of students and his students learn well from him because of the relationships he builds with them.

“I’ve never felt so honored in my life,” Herod said. “Every teacher tries their best everyday to help kids learn and be successful, so to be recognized as one of the best among that group is a tremendous honor.”

Many students describe Mr. Herod as very understanding, laid back, and an all-around fun teacher. Many students also learn well from his engaging instruction. He truly connects with his students to create a comfortable teaching environment evidenced through his success with students.

“Mr. Herod is a breath of fresh air at Montrose High School,” senior Jaime Vanchaik said. “I always look forward to coming to his class because his teaching style is understandable and he teaches at a good pace. Furthermore, I would like to say that he is the best, most down to earth, funniest teacher in the math and science department.”

Herod also coached girls golf for four years and will return as head coach this year as well. He has been golfing from a very young age and is excited to be returning to coaching.

“Mr. Herod also has a killer goatee,” added Vanchaik.

Ryan Voeringer was also nominated from MHS where he teaches physical education and is also the head coach the successful boys varsity basketball team. Voeringer has been teaching for 18 years and is honored to have been nominated by his colleagues and students.