MHS takes action against pandemic to extend learning


courtesy of Lyle Carbutt

Sophomore Morgan Byard’s biology project working with glycolysis and pH changes that she will present at Science Fair Regionals in February.

Kiera Quezada, News Reporter

Due to the pandemic and some students struggling academically, Montrose High School has decided to take action by providing before and after school opportunities for students to extend their learning.

The enrichment program is made up of three categories, the first one being core programs such as science/engineering, literary art magazine, as well as some social studies opportunities. The second category is made up of the art programs. In art enrichment, they offer guitar, theatre, Latin dancing, and a class called art incorporated. The STEM programs are taught  by NJROTC, but open for anyone to join. In those programs they offer Underwater SeaPerch/Glide, Cyber Patriot, and Boat Building/ Seamanship.

Diving deeper into core enrichment in science, students are conducting experiments using the scientific method and writing up reports in preparation for competition in the Regional Science Fair that will be held in February. At this event, students will be given the opportunity to present their findings to experienced scientists and judges at the regional, state, and national levels.

“The science fair program is designed for students interested in doing science projects and presenting them, they then would go to competition, the regional competition. It allows them to show off the scientific knowledge they have and be judged to place and even are offered cash prizes. Some students have gone on to make a patten,”  science teacher, Lyle Carbutt said.

The regional competition will be held at Colorado Mesa University roughly between February- March. Exact dates are TBA.

“[Science fair ] teaches you to pursue your own passions and you get to learn what you think will be useful in choosing a path for you in the future. It’s experimenting with science and within yourself too” sophomore participant in the science fair program, Morgan Byard said.

Byard is currently working on a biology based project and has been experimenting with yeast and water as a base for her project. Which will be replaced in February with PH for the regional comp.

“It is a great opportunity to get yourself out there in the scientific community and we’re always looking for more people [students] to join,” Carbutt said.

The Science Fair Enrichment program is here to help students and encourage them to get involved in before and after school activities. It’s a great spot for beginners as well as experienced students who love science. Stop by the Power Center and see Mrs.Gaber for more information.