Sophomore entrepreneur opens Dripping Industries on Main Street


Dripping Industries a well organized business ran by a sophomore student Jullian Jaramillo.

Amelia Avila, Reporter

Dripping Industries is a new apparel store founded by sophomore Julian Jaramillo on Main Street and resells used shoes, hats, jerseys, and more. While some of the merchandise is female friendly, the majority of products are geared towards outfitting male costumers.

“I’m known as a very stylish person and I wanted to share my interest with others,” said sophomore Julian Jaramillio.

Style has always been a popular industry, and Jaramillo has learned a lot about this industry in the short time he has been open. Since his store opened in August of 2021, he had learned new business tactics, ways to protect his investment, and reselling strategies. He has come to enjoy reinvesting in his business, only helping his growing interest for clothing and style. His father not only helped start his own business, but also helped invest while creating a positive learning experience for Jullian.

Since Julian is a full time student, he has employed his older brother, Miguel Jaramillo, to run the store while he is at school. Miguel opens the store at 11 am, and Julian joins him when he is done with high school classes. Julian  then closes his shop at 6pm Monday through Sunday.

“[The store is for] anybody really. It’s pretty cool ’cause sometimes we get cowboys in here all decked out in their cowboy gear,” Miguel Jaramillo said.

The store has  little something that would interest anyone, but their primary demographic target is high school males because there are not many other places in Montrose for guys to shop.

Anybody is welcome to Dripping Industries, as he has created a positive environment for everybody. Anybody with an interest in popular style such as clothing, shoes, and hats are appreciated in the store. 

Being a business owner and a high school student simultaneously has taught Julian how to manage his time to make sure that he is successful in both places.

“It’s very hard to balance my work. Some days I have a lot at school to get done and then I come to the store for more work,” said Julian. 

Having such a passionate interest in his work does not make it any easier though. Working also being something fun for him still has its setbacks. Balancing work and school is a struggle for most students, and that is no exception for Julian, if not even more, owning a business. Having to learn from scratch at a young age has its tolls. Yet, with dedication and passion for his job, he has created a positive business and developed his own skills for reselling. 

“I’m taking two of these classes. I think the classes are great. They teach fantastic information, but business is more of a real world experience,” said Jaramillo.

Jaramillo is currently taking two of the business classes at the high school and has learned from them, but believes there are still certain things that are best learned through experience. Considering that most jobs do require some experience, Jaramillo had started from the beginning with little resources and worked decisively to have his own business. 

“I love it, personally I never thought I was going to be selling clothes, yet at the end of the day people love their clothes and when you see them leave it’s satisfying,” said Miguel Jaramillo.

For Miguel Jaramillo, seeing customers leave happy with new items is the best of his job. Miguel Jaramillio enjoys working during the day while his brother, Jullian, is at school, and has grown to love the resell and style industry as well. Helping his brother bring smiles to so many people has become the best part of his day.

”There is never enough time. That is the biggest holdback,” said Jaramillo. 

There are always struggles running a business and Jaramillo struggled with never having enough time for something uncontrollable and understandable. Pushing through many struggles, he has successfully started running a business and enjoys what he does.