Let’s talk about tacos


The double barrel and the notorious P.I.G.

Cameron Trujillo- Johnson, editor

Double Barrel Taco is a new upcoming business that’s fast, affordable and has good quality. Double Barrel consists of various options of tacos, such as their top two favorites, the notorious P.I.G and the double barrel taco itself.Both tacos offer a tangy savory taste, but each of them have their own unique qualities. The tacos served here are not like a regular Mexican taco, it’s more of a barbequed taco more than anything else. 

The double barrel also offers a vegan taco for anyone who doesn’t eat meat.The vegan taco has vegan chorizo, grilled onion, garlic, spinach and avocado tomatillo puree in it. When asking a customer how the vegan taco was she said “I really liked the taco. It had a good flavor and was the best vegan option I’ve had here in Montrose,” Kate Donohoe said.

The notorious P.I.G had a good crunch along with a savory smoky flavor. Each ingredient used here tied well together. Then with the double barrel taco it had a nice creamy texture along with a smoky flavor and to tie it all up with all the different flavors coming together it had that nice crunch.

Double Barrel offers a very welcoming open space for either a hangout for teens or a space to throw birthday parties in. Double Barrel is a unique taco shop that shows hard work and compassion to their community. When the chieftain went to interview Ray he graciously paid for all of their tacos. The product that is used is also locally sourced and Ray is currently working on making the meat locally sourced as well. Ray Blanchard knew it was the right thing to do even in these crucial times.

Double Barrel is not only a taco shop but also a food truck. The food truck is used when there are big events in town such as the music festivals. Double Barrel is still a new business around Montrose and it’s hard to advertise to people under the age of 21 due to the fact that Double Barrel serves alcoholic beverages.Ray Blanchard hopes to reach out to the people under the age of 21 years old. When asking Ray if teenagers come in here often he said “ no we don’t get a ton, we normally see them come in with parents then by themselves”.

Teenagers mainly don’t come into double barrels unless they either work there or their parents bring them, but besides that I don’t think many teenagers know that double barrel is an option for them.

Through the past few months there have been several concerns with teens coming into businesses and being disrespectful and vandalizing property. So when asked how teenagers behave when they come into a double barrel “we provide a collective taco that kids really like and we had one kid come in here and eat nine tacos in one sitting, but beyond that their behavior is pretty normal and they’re respectful”, Blanchard said. 

Most teens just go for the cheapest option near them, like jimmy johns or little caesars. But what they don’t understand is that double barrel is only a couple of blocks away from the high school and it’s fast and affordable. The difference between jimmy johns and double barrel is that you can get two tacos under $10, unlike at jimmy johns you can only get about a sandwich for $7 or more.  

What teenagers don’t understand is the fact that they do have many different options to go to lunch. The only problem is finding new places to go instead of going to the same place every day. So teens need to step out of their comfort zones and go out and try things instead of trying nothing new at all.