Let’s paint it


Cameron Trujillo- Johnson, editor

Amazing Glaze is a special place in town where you can express yourself by painting a variety of pre-made pottery items. You can also paint canvases, or participate in DIY workshops. Amazing Glaze has been open for about 16 years and hopes to be open for many more. Cherie Adell is the owner of Amazing Glaze and runs the shop everyday. 

Amazing Glaze welcomes all ages and and artistic abilities. Whether it’s young kids with their parents, teens coming in with a group of friends, adults, or even retired seniors who are looking for something to do; there is a painting activity for everyone.

“Here Amazing Glaze welcomes a wide range of people,” Adell said. 

The atmosphere for teenagers at Amazing Glaze can either be a calm relaxing place for costumers to just paint or a place they can come with their friends to hangout. Adell feels like it’s a good place for teenagers to come because it’s more their speed and not a place just for little kids.

“It’s more of like a hangout place for them to come in with friends to have something to do. It’s more of a lively upbeat place for them to hangout with friends and listen to music while they paint,” Adell says.

Cherie Adell is doing her best to reach out and have more teenagers come in to either paint or to take one of her classes or workshops.

“I’m hoping to get more teenagers in my Saturday classes,” Adell said. There are many outdoor activities and sports for teenagers to participate in, so Adell’s goal is to expand her classes and to help teenagers realize it’s fun to express yourself through art.

There is a room in the back that can be reserved for a larger group of people. To reserve this room, plan ahead and call first. This can be used for an informal gathering of a larger group of friends or for a more formal event like a birthday party.

The pottery items that can be purchased to paint range in a variety of sizes and prices. Cost also depends on how much detail was put into the piece. Adell fires all the pieces herself. The costs range from $13 up to $60.

All of the products sold here changes seasonally, but as Adell rotates seasonal items for holidays, there are usually some items leftover. Not all their products are seasonal, some of their products consist of plates, bowls, cups and little figurines that are appropriate all year round.

When you choose what you would like to paint, you are able to choose from a wide variety of colors. There are also tools to create a variety of cool designs and effects. Adell is always walking around the space and interacting with customers, and will do short demonstrations if you would like to emulate any other painted pieces that are on display throughout the shop.  When you’re done painting, you leave it and come back when it’s done firing. Adell fires all of her pieces in the studio. They have two kilns on site and fire twice a week.

There are times when people just forget about their pieces whether it’s because they simply forgot or because they just didn’t care to come pickup their pieces, but from then on depending how long they’ve been sitting at the studio, Amazing Glaze tries to find them a new home.

It usually takes Adell just 2-3 days to fire the pottery and then it can be picked up by the artist. Some artists never come and claim their creations. The items that never get picked up stay there either for a couple of weeks or in some cases stay there for over a year. So these items do not immediately end up in a trashcan, Adell has come up with a unique way to find them a home. She either sells them for a couple of dollars or donates them to local shelters.

Amazing Glaze also offers many different art classes and workshops. Some classes that are offered are canvas art, ceramic art, alcohol-ink art, multimedia art, coaster art, flower pots, canvas art bunny and so much more.

Amazing Glaze is meant for people who are wanting to spend their afternoon painting and getting creative. It’s a place for you to express yourself with just the swipe of a paint brush. So get to painting and get your creativity on.