Ailiana Ayers


Destiny Evans, senior feature

Ailiana Ayers is a friendly and independent senior in the graduating class of 2022, who spent her time focusing on academics and doing her best. She believes that she lived the high school life right in her own way.

In her free time, Ayers likes to spend time with friends and family because they love to travel, go on adventures, and do tons of summer activities.  Somewhere  she travels a lot is Denver, Colorado. She loves the city and likes to ride the scooters.

After high school, Ayers plans to attend Intellitec College in Grand Junction, Colorado to pursue the medical assistant program and then working on her phlebotomy certification.

“I’m more interested in being a medical assistant, I would like to work in a pediatric setting eventually. The phlebotomist training is included in the medical assistant program I’m doing”, Ayers said. As a phlebotomist all you’re doing is drawing and working with blood, it’s really easy and they make good money. So for me personally it’s just a certification I’ll have in the back of my pocket. I feel like the more certifications I have  the more job opportunities I’ll have.”

“Since my junior year I’ve wanted to go to college for nursing, but I’ve recently changed my mind. I do think what I am doing is going to get me where I want to be faster, in terms of starting my own life as a young adult, ’’Ayers said.

Ayers loved the beginning of her high school career, “I was friends with upperclassmen during the first two years, but once they all graduated, high school wasn’t as interesting. Although I have met tons of friendly peers, some even being ones who will stay with me for a good portion of my life, so I can’t complain.” ayers said.