Girls Soccer starts their season off with a weekend of wins


Senior Josephine Coulter handles the ball.

Chelsea Garcia, Sports Reporter

The girls soccer team won their first two games of the season, against Widfield (13-0) on March 11 and Coranado (4-0) the following day.

In the game against Widfield, the game ended at half time due to the mercy rule because the girls were up 13-0. Freshman Ellie Duncan and sophomore Kenzie Bush each scored two goals, juniors Tatum Berry, Lucero Mireles- Rodales,Karlee Brack and Natalie Hernandez, sophomores Mia Duncan, Vivian Encarnacion, Seniors Josephine Coulter and Makayla Milsap and freshman Yuliana Almanza each scored one.

During the game against Coronado, the girls were up 1-0 by half time and finished the game 4-0. Sophomore Mia Duncan scored two goals, junior Tatum Berry, and senior Josephine Coulter scored one.

The girls are very proud of how they played this weekend and hope to continue their winning streak.

“We are very proud of how we did this weekend , we hoped to do good but we did a lot better than we expected to which we feel great about, ” junior Kate Donohoe said.

“I feel like as a team we all contributed great effort and it resulted in higher play. We connected great passes which lead to multiple goal scoring opportunities. We all stepped up and no one played selfishly. The team chemistry has grown a lot since last season,” junior Alicea Vigil said. “I can’t wait to see how our team competes against harder teams like Fruta and Durango.”

Although the team had two winning games to start their season, the girls are already looking at improvements to make to continue having a winning season and meet their team goal of making it to the playoffs this year.

“I mean with any game and player you can always improve. Some of the biggest were definitely communicating better, whether it’s telling someone that you’re there for a pass or that they have time for some extra touches, communication could improve,” captain Natalie Hernandez said. “In addition, our first touch can always benefit, making the ball move the right amount to the right place is so crucial and so benefiting and that will help us all become better. Team chemistry can also always be improved.”

“A common improvement that is brought up is communication but even that one has improved a lot,” junior Alicea Vigil said. “Also we need to have a great first touch competing with 50/50 balls or even immediate pressure, that could sharpen us up. We have a very skilled team however sometimes these touches can put us in a bad situation that could’ve been avoided or even cost us some opportunities. These things will only continue to improve throughout the season and the team will only continue to grow.”

The team’s goals for this season are to increase their speed of play, to increase the team chemistry. They also are working towards long term goals like being the southwestern league champs and making it to the playoffs.