Hartman Brothers fire leaves 5 injured in Montrose

Hartman Brothers fire leaves 5 injured in Montrose

Kylie Lange, Not Editor

Downtown Montrose went up in smoke Wednesday April 20th after Hartman Brothers building located on Park and Main Street caught fire in the late afternoon; the cause of the fire is still being investigated . 

Hartman Brothers is a well know local business that has been in Montrose for over a century. It originally started out as a bicycle and novelty shop in 1904. In 1984 they changed their business model and now they locally provide equipment and supplies for home medical care.

Five people were taken to Montrose Regional Health and one of those victims was placed in in critical condition. Two victims were reported to be in good condition and the other two were in fair condition. Reportedly, all injured parties except the critically injured person have been released and sent home. 

Keith Dowell, the victim who was placed in critical condition has since been taken to Denver for his critical injuries. He is still recovering. Dowell is the sole provider for his his family and a bank account was set up in his name at NuVista Credit Union for donations.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and immediately rushed into the building to put out the fire from within. Afterwards, they made their way out to the back of the building where the oxygen tanks are located to start cooling down the force of the fire and prevent any more explosions.

Firefighters worker for close to three hours to quell the flames and make Main Street safe for travel again.

Despite the damage to the back of the building, the store hasn’t faced any problems losing business and they continue to sell in-stock medical supplies. The fire did most of the damage to the welding side of the building but Hartman Brothers is still  pumping gas for oxygen tanks.

“Luckily most of the damage didn’t affect any of the business,” employee Jaime Vanchaik said. “It only effected some of the welding products being sold but they are still completely running.”