Montrose High School holds choir concert at Montrose Pavilion


(L-R) Valerie Merritt, Olivia Guseman, Sydnee Coldiron, Amy McCracken, Noel Huchel-Sullender, and Chloe Brokering perform in MHS’s High Frequency choir at the Montrose Pavilion on Monday, May 9.

Kate Donohoe, News Reporter

Montrose High School’s choir concert was held on Monday, May 9 at the Montrose Pavilion. The concert consisted of MHS’s 5 choirs: Chamber Choir, Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, High Frequency, and Vocal Effect, each performing a set of three songs, as well as one song as a collective.

“I was really happy with how everybody did,” MHS choir teacher Monica Phillips said. “I think, it being the final concert, you really want to see everybody doing their very best, and I feel like everybody really did.”

Chamber Choir sang three songs for their set, “Sweet and Low,” “Tipitin,” and “Goin’ Home.” This same set of songs earned them the high score of a 1 at the Colorado West competition earlier this year.

“I think it was a success because we had more practice time than we did for the last concert,” sophomore and Chamber Choir member Violet Noel said. “I think this one was more fun.”

Women’s choir sang, “To A Wild Rose,” “I Long for the Green Hills,” “and What a Wonderful World,” and Men’s Choir sang, “The Coasts of High Barbary,” “Sea Fever,” and “Reflections of a Lad at Sea.”

“There was for sure a lot of growth over the course of the year,” Phillips said. “Men’s and Women’s choir both started out with more simple, easy music, and the last concert was quite a bit more intricate.”

High Frequency sang, “Autumn Leaves,” “All the Things You Are,” and “September.”

“My favorite song to sing for High Frequency was probably ‘All the Things You are’ because it’s a cappella and has intricate jazz chords,” Junior and High Frequency and Vocal Effect member Olivia Guseman said.

Vocal Effect sang “Water,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “Take on me.” For the Encore, all MHS choir groups came together to sing, “Water Fountain,” as a collective group.

“The all-choir song that was called “Water Fountain” was a song that everyone performed together and it was one of the first times that we ran it as a full group,” Guseman said. “It was interesting and neat to see how that came together, just because Vocal Effect and High Frequency are both small groups, so singing it in that big group was exciting,” Guseman said.

“I can’t wait for next year,” Noel said. “It will be so fun.”