Stu Co’s Grand plan


Amelia Avila

Kate Ensor, sophomore, Stu co student working hard to make our school year great

Amelia Avila, Reporter

Stu co, one of the biggest clubs here at MHS has been given a huge challenge this year as they try to plan entertainment and events for the student body; while following all the new regulations of masks and social distancing. They have been dealt with making everything as fun as well as COVID friendly for the students. Some of these activities include: a poker night, a handshake video contest, find the feather scavenger hunt, spike ball tournament, and a movie night.

“It’s hard mostly because I don’t want to, but I have to do these things. They are necessary for the safety of all of our students, so I think it’s between being uncomfortable vs being safe. I think there is a pretty easy answer, safety,” sophomore Kate Ensor said.

Stu co themselves have been separated and struggle with cohorts not being physically together as well. With only half the members being at school, they must all work extra hard to communicate so they are all on the same page with activities and events.

”I’m so sad because I cant see some of my favorite people,” sophomore Kennedi Britton said.

As students themselves, both Ensor and Britton must enforce the rules even though they may not love the current circumstances. Rules such as mask’s, no vending, no people in the stands at games, social distancing, and cohort separation have changed the way students can interact with each other, but the student leaders for the school are trying to make the school year as normal and fun as possible. 

Ensor, a sophomore said, “Just trying to make our activities as fun as possible and make them good for the student and just put a lil’ more flare on things.”

With rules and guidelines to be COVID friendly such as no mixing cohorts, masks required, and such. As of this year we should be excepting fun COVID friendly activities by Stu co for the exciting new year to come.

The first spirit week will be the week of Halloween and the at home cohort will be able to participate remotely by tagging the school Instagram.