Is it worth Watching?


Yes! a great heartfelt movie directed by Michael Gracey.

Alexis Ray, Reporter

The Greatest Showman directed by Michael Gracey portrays an uplifting story about a young boy growing up with hardships such as having to lose his father at a young age to illness. Even with such hardships, he never gave up pushing his imagination to its fullest potential. He made his way in the world growing up selling such as newspapers and lottery tickets. His natural talent to advertise and spread news soon helped him out when he opened his own wax museum. His ambition took hold of him and he turned the museum into the Barnum and Bailey circus show featuring the extraordinary and unique.

 Something I liked the most about this movie would be the soundtrack. It does an amazing job showing the tone of hope and holding happiness in the song“A Million Dreams” by Ziv ZaifZman and many other songs.

Ziv ZaifZman said “I think of what the world could be, A vision of the one I see, A million dreams is all it’s gonna take,” it implies you have no limits when it comes to your imagination and anything is possible if you just believe.

 Another song from the soundtrack is “This is Me” by Keala Settle, a song that is more empowering and uplifting with the lyrics like,” I won’t let them break me down to dust… for we are glorious.”

 Overall I’d recommend watching this magical musical unfold.