Senior Feature

Daniel Lopez , Senior Feature Reporter

Senior Jacob Green is known for being very athletic and smart. Jacob has played sports for MHS for all 4 years including basketball, football, wrestling and he loves all of them. 

“Sports have given me something to work for and do in my free time along with giving me a break from the stress of everyday life,” Green said. 

Jacob also said that he is unsure about what college he plans on attending, but he would like to study business, psychology or photography.

 “I hope to have a lot of fun in college as I start the next chapter of my life after high school,” Green stated.

In Green’s free time he enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors with his friends and family as he loves to camp, hike, and take pictures of nature.

“ Nothing is better than spending time with nature,” Green said.

Green also mentioned that he will miss his friends and the memories he has made in high school the most.