MHS Anonymous Accounts


Kylie Lange, Editor

In recent weeks, students from Montrose High School have taken to Instagram to express their political views while bashing opposing sides using anonymous accounts. 

Two of the most popular pages for the high school are called “@dumptrump.mhs” and “@sleepydumbdumbjoe.mhs” both run by students at the high school. 

The “Dump Trump” page has gained over 700 followers in as little as 10 days. Their content contains pictures and conversations from fellow students who support Trump or are very right sided often “exposing” them along with mocking their views. 

Multiple posts of very offensive texts between the account and other students are posted on the page with one post including racist slurs from a MHS student. Other posts include zoomed in pictures of different students’ faces accusing them of their political views in the caption. 

While the “No Joe” page has gained a little over 200 followers in the past week. Their content is mostly memes mocking Joe Biden and only one post of a fellow student expressing their views over a video. 

Both accounts get their content submitted through fellow students along with any information they gain from follows and comments on their pages. 

The accounts only started taking off when “Dump Trump” was created and blasted one student on Instagram. From then on comments from both Dump Trump and No Joe have helped them gain a large following of MHS students. 

Students are not willing to associate their names with their page but when Dump Trump was contacted they had this to say about the page, “At first this page started as a joke, but then we started getting a bunch of submissions. We have a new goal to spread the facts about what our current president is doing. We do try to keep our page as light hearted as possible to avoid cyberbullying and always respect the decision to take down posts if they don’t want their picture or whatever on social media.”