Opportunities for flu immunization become available in the Montrose area


Kate Donohoe

Andrew Schmutzler, registered pharmacist at Safeway Pharmacy, gives last flu shot of a local drive on September 16, 2020.

Kate Donohoe, Editor

As flu season fast approaches, local flu shot drives and many pharmacies in the Montrose area, including Safeway, Walgreens, and CVS, promise free immunization to the Montrose community with most insurance.

“It’s generally the recommendation that everyone gets the flu shot. Between the ages of 15 and 35-40, people don’t get the flu shot, but everybody’s not invincible, you can still get the flu,” Andrew Schmutzler, registered pharmacist at Safeway Pharmacy, said.

An opportunity for Montrose County School District staff and their families to receive free immunization comes with district wide flu shot clinics provided by Northside Health Center, a school based health center owned by MCSD.

Many students have a parent who works for the School District and may receive a flu shot in that way,” Jennifer Suchon, pediatric nurse practitioner and the clinic director of the Northside Health Center, said. “It is important for everyone to get their flu shots annually but especially this year. The flu season falls at a time when we anticipate increased illness from other viruses, notably coronavirus, and doing everything we can to prevent or reduce the burden of influenza in our community will help us manage potential increases in coronavirus cases locally.  A person could  become ill with both influenza and coronavirus at the same time, which would increase their risks for both diseases overall.”

Some students have already received their shots for the year. One such student is Natalie Hernandez, a Sophomore at Montrose High School, who received hers from the flu clinic last month.

“My experience was fine. It was fast and simple…super organized as well. The flu shot is an easy and quick thing most of the time,” Hernandez said.