Have the clowns come back?


Courtesy Photo

Clowns are not always funny sometimes they are creepy.

Amelia Avila , Reporter

Recently all over social media there have been several claims, reports, and videos of “killer clowns” chasing people. These “killer clowns” have been known before to chase people with chainsaws, and even machetes.

Back in 2016 these clowns were a “trend” during the halloween season and have apparently  decided to come back this 2020.Most of these “killer clowns” have been reportedly dressed in normal birthday party clown suits such as big baggy red pants bright yellow shirts; and a twist of an extremely grimacing face paint enough to scare anyone.

Clowns are now chasing down cars stopping in front of cars, and sometimes just walking away. Whether these clowns actually kill people or just scare them for fun no one yet knows. As for those behind the face paint they have not been revealed or known to the public. Reported “killer clown “ sightings have been California, Florida, Kentucky, Ontario Canada, and many more. For the most part these “killer clowns” remain a mystery. 

Whether these clowns have come back for the spooky season or to add to the 2020 drama or to even finish what they started in 2016 we must all keep an eye out for clown.