Destroyed by the Demons


Morgan Pelham

Lady Indians try to defend the field agains the Durango Demons.

Morgan Pelham, Sports Reporter

The Montrose Lady Indians took two devastating losses in their double header on Friday Sept. 18th against Durango. This loss brings the Indians record to 2-10 while the Demons advance to a 8-6 record. 

The first game the Indians lost 11-0. Durango had 2 runs in the first inning, 4 runs in the fourth inning, and 5 in the sixth inning. Immediately after the loss, the two teams went right into the second game which ended in a 14-0 loss for the Indians. Durango had 5 runs in the second inning, and 9 runs in the third, The game ended after the fourth inning. 

 “The games on Friday didn’t go very good. We just couldn’t get any runs in, but our defense didn’t have many mistakes. Our team could work on better energy and I could work on hitting the first strike instead of watching it,”  junior Grace Ancell said.

 “I feel like we weren’t ready to play that day but we still went out and played our hardest we could,“ junior Grace Gibson said.