2020 Colorado Elections

Kylie Lange, Editor

For the 2020 elections, Colorado’s 3rd congressional district Republican nominee, Lauren Boebert, earlier this year defeated a sitting U.S. Representative in Colorado winning the Republican Party primary. 

Along with her outspoken political opinions, supportive followers, and beating incumbent Scott Tipton in the primary, Boebert has a solid chance of also beating her opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush in the general election. But with all her success comes the flaws, and valid reasons to not vote this woman into office. 

Boebert was born in Florida in 1986 and claims both her parents were Democrats and she grew up in poverty. Now 34, Boebert lives with her husband and four sons in Rifle and started running a restaurant after her husband was laid off. 

The restaurant is called Shooters Grill in Rifle and it is encouraged that all staff members open carry on the job after she fought to get a license. During the early stages of COVID-19 in Colorado, restaurants closed while Boebert kept hers open despite government regulations. This ended up getting her restaurant a cease and desist order from Garfield county, which she yet again disobeyed and tried to reopen her restaurant on the patio. 

This ended up getting her restaurant license revoked until they started opening up at half capacity again. Pulling this move during a global pandemic and an upcoming election represents what kind of leader she would be. But on top of this, Boebert appears to have not gone to college and has no record of a high school diploma. Despite this, her impressive leadership in helping women be independent by encouraging self defense, strong business skills, and faith makes her a strong opponent. 

Even on her website she lacks information as to why she would be a good leader, but instead there is plenty of information about her beliefs. Her opponent however, Diane Mitsch Bush, holds four degrees with two of those being  PhDs in sociology and social policy. 

Bush also served as a member of the Colorado House of Representatives for four years and prior to that served as a Commissioner in Routt county. While she holds the experience and knowledge that Colorado needs, she does lack the passion that Boebert brings to the table. 

For Colorado’s sake and possibly this country’s sake it would probably be best to not vote outspoken leaders with no experience into office for the sole purpose to beat a political party. No matter the outcome, the election this November to say the least will be very eventful.