Quarantined MHS Students

There was a group of MHS students from Cohort A who came in close contact with another student who tested positive for COVID 19 causing the second quarantine of the school year.

If a student tests positive for COVID, then any student or teacher who has class with that student is put on quarantine. So a single test could affect 4 classes of students and teachers. 

On September 22 the group of students were sent home and all students were requested and urged to get tested. These students were to do school online for the rest of the week with Cohort B. As long as there are no more positive tests, the students get to come back to school on October 5.

“It’s upsetting not being able to go to practice and out to see my friends”, said junior Bridger Kurtz.

It has been hard for most students with sports such as Kurtz. With the quarantine they are required by the school to not be at the school or attend their sport practices. This has been tremendously hard on students who play sports; their basic regular days have been deferred by this quarantine.

“It affected me only a bit. I was worried that I might have had COVID-19 so I made my family stay away from my room, and jokingly put up a Halloween decoration that said ‘DANGER ZONE.’ It wasn’t difficult ‘til the weekend, that was when me and my family would go to my friend’s and spend the day, but this weekend I had to stay home alone,” said sophomore Cynthia Barboza.

For other students like Barboza they tried to make the best out of things to stay safe but missing normal family activities. This was definitely a different experience for every student equally challenging and new now just trying to make the most of our current circumstances. 

 As counselors try to reach out and talk to all their students the school is now trying to keep the school open by contact tracing. Which is quarantine the student that comes in close range with a student that tested positive for COVID 19. This is a challenge we are all trying to face together.