2020 Presidential Tantrum

Kylie Lange, Editor

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and President Trump was held on Tuesday night, September 29. It wasn’t much of a debate, but more like watching toddlers fight.  

Between both Trump and Biden insulting each other the entire time, to Trump interrupting the mediator and his opponent constantly, and the blatant lies and not answering questions, it was a disaster. How are we supposed to tell students to be respectful during classroom debates when our two presidential candidates can’t even do that on live television? 

While Biden was not nearly as bad as Trump he did call him a “clown” and a “racist” along with telling him to shut up. He kept his cool for the most part and addressed his audience rather than his opponent which Trump seemed to lack the entire time. 

Biden also had the upper hand when it came to talking about the issues of the global pandemic and economy. He was able to deflect most of Trump’s jabs even when he brought up his family. 

However, he did catch attention when he stated that he didn’t support the Green New Deal. What many do not know though, is that he has been coming up with his own plan for the global warming crisis that is very similar to the Green New Deal but has different elements.

Trump on the other hand, didn’t make an effort to address any of the questions rather to bash his opponent to gain the upper hand. Perhaps his most notable time during the debate was when he would not condemn white supremacy.

When the mediator asked him if he would tell white supremacy groups such as Proud Boys to stand down he diverted the question by saying this, “I’m willing to do that,” Trump said, “almost everything I see is from the left wing. Not from the right.” 

On top of that he made remarks that as a woman, were offensive. Many different female sources have also come forward to say the same thing according to the Washington Post. 

While it was the worst Presidential Debate I have ever seen, it will hopefully attract more of an audience and voters can get to see the men that they have to ultimately vote into office. With new news on President Trump and COVID-19, it could also possibly delay the debate on Wednesday night.