Black Canyon Triathlon goes virtual


Montrose Colorado’s 19th annual Black Canyon Triathlon held September 1-30, 2020.

Kate Donohoe, Reporter

This year, the Black Canyon Triathlon was held virtually from September 1-30. The decision to move the triathlon to a virtual platform was made to ensure safety and isolation for all athletes amidst Covid-19.

Participation in this year’s triathlon was done using the It’s Your Race app. All athletes followed the guidelines for their individual age group and were able to track their times and distances remotely anytime during the month of September. This allowed athletes the freedom to complete the three legs of the race while complying with Covid-19 safety measures and keeping with the spirit of the event.

Although many changes have had to be made this year, events such as the Black Canyon Triathlon have taken the time to adapt and continue on in new ways.