Last Bats


Jake green

Senior Cora Blowers on the left, Senior Kylie Morris on the right

Morgan Pelham

The Montrose lady Indians took yet another sad loss against Delta  12-2, ending the season 0-7. There are two seniors on the team this year, Kylie Morris, and Cora Blowers. They have both played at the varsity level all four years.

Starting third baseman Kylie Morris said, “I don’t feel the season went as expected at all because of COVID and other things that put us off track, but we made the best of it. My softball career sadly ends with high school.” Morris isn’t sure which college she will attend, “I’m not 100% sure yet on what college I am going to but I’m looking in state and out of state,” Morris said.

Morris began playing softball early, “My dad started me in softball before I was even able to carry the bat on my own,” Morris said. ” My favorite memory is probably senior night because it’s such a crazy and bitter sweet moment. It’s not something you’ll ever forget and it’s what you’ve been looking forward to for years.I’m going to miss the team. They really become a family and it’s so hard to imagine not playing with them next year,”Morris said. 

Starting pitcher Cora Blowers said, “I think our season went well for the little amount of preparedness we had from not playing this summer.” When it comes to whether or not Blowers will play in college, she said,”I would love to play college softball if there wasn’t as much traveling involved, but that’s obviously not a thing, so as of right now I am not planning on playing in college, but I could end up doing it.” Her specific college isn’t set in stone, “I don’t have a specific college picked out yet but I have a few in mind,” Blowers said.”I have played softball since I was 5/6 years old when I started with t-ball, but  my favorite memory, which I guess wasn’t actually part of our season…[was] after our last game. We went and played in a slow pitch tournament, and it was a blast! All of the girls had so much fun and it was just a great way to close out our season,”Blowers said.  “What I’m gonna miss most is all the girls, because they become a family to you, and you know that they’d be there for you no matter what if you needed them,”she said.