Mysterious Cans of Crush

Mysterious Cans of Crush

Amelia Avila, Reporter

October 5 through October 9 STUCO has put together ”Cans of Crush,” a fun little game for the student body that also serves as a fundraiser.

To participate after school only, start at room 127 where you can buy a can of orange Crush (the soda) for a dollar. The soda can be given to your “crush” or just a friend. There will then be a note delivered to the recipient of the Crush soda, letting that person know there is a can of soda waiting for him or her in room 127. To add a twist, if the recipient of the soda wants to know who it is from, he or she can pay an additional dollar to find out who the mystery sender is. 

“I’m excited for friends to mess with each other! I think it can be super fun if we get people to participate,” said junior Molly Rhoderick.

This is an exciting new game for the students to participate in. The game is slightly personal fun and mysterious and great for the spooky season. With not many limits to this game you can send a can of crush to your friends, family members in the building, and even your “crush”. A sweet little game for the students to hopefully have a laugh or two out of the “cans of crush.”

“I’m a little worried about participation won’t only be half of the students at a time but I think it should work out!” said Rhoderick.

A mysterious game for all the students willing to participate. This year with all the new challenges the student body does not participate as much for all the STUCO games this is extremely challenging to STUCO as they try to advertise all of their activities. Participation has been a challenge for STUCO with all the changes for this year. This being partly a fundraiser, the student body participation is vital key for this game “cans of crush.”