Chocoflan cake recipe

Amili Chavarria and Destiny Evans

Choco-flan is a delicious pastry made of flan and chocolate cake. This is my personal favorite because of its delicious texture. The creamy texture of the flan that sits on the rich moist cake creates a pleasing combination of textures. The duo of chocolate cake and flan also makes the dessert both beautiful and delicious. 

I enjoy making these, and it has taken me a few trial and errors to perfect the recipe. The process of making them isn’t hard at all, but it does require a lot of patience. You have to have patience, spreading the hot sugar around the pan without it hardening and making sure the flan and chocolate cake separate properly. 

My sister-in-law, Ana Patlan, also makes the most delicious chocoflan along with other baked goods like cake, cheesecakes, breakable hearts and many other delicious desserts. If you’re in the mood for chocoflan or another pastry, but don’t have the time or patience you should order from her Instagram @dulcescaprichos_by_ana. 

But If you would like to attempt to make it you will need the following: 

For the chocolate cake- a box of chocolate cake, follow the steps on the box 

For the flan- 4 eggs, 1 cans of sweetened condensed milk, 1 can of evaporated milk, ⅓ bar of cream cheese

HFor the caramel- 1 cup of sugar, and a few teaspoons of water