Jamoncillos (Mexican fudge)


This is how your jamoncillos should look if you decide to cute them in squares.

Amili Chavarria and Destiny Evans

This is a nice treat that my family usually makes whenever we’re craving a sweet treat.

The sweet sugary Christmas-like scent while preparing them takes me back to my childhood in Mexico. When my uncle and I would walk with me to buy some from “Mages” corner store and him discreetly taking a few when I’d turn my head.

It’s really easy to make but it does take patience and time, it requires constant mixing for about 30 minutes so it doesn’t stick to the pan.
All that is needed is:

Sugar and milk, for every cup of sugar you need two cups of whole milk.

Put it over low heat and constantly stir until it because a pudding-like light brown texture, then you can spread it out on a nonstick surface and cut in square or make them into cones.