New Bill (SB21-116) Proposes Removal of Native American Mascots


A new bill in Colorado has been proposed for the removal of Native American Mascots in schools because some mascots are considered racist. If a school were to keep their mascot, they would be fined $25,000 a month until they change the mascot starting June 1, 2022. 

MHS students were asked what they thought of the bill through google forms. 168 people responded and 60.1% said that they didn’t want to change the mascot, 25% said that we should change it and 14.9% were indifferent. Those who are against the bill have said similar things to this person.

 “The indigenous people, “Indians”,  were major contributors to agriculture and development in the valley. We should continue to honor their heritage and legacy by respectfully portraying them as our school mascot,” freshman Abigail Lambert said.

Even though most think that we have been respectful with our mascot, some of the student’s thought that we should change the mascot. They think that the mascot is no longer an appropriate fit for the school.

 “Time has passed and it’s no longer cultural appreciation but it’s seen as disrespectful. Although it’s not meant to come off that way, it seems to. The Ute tribe was driven out of western Colorado forever ago so I’m not sure what we’re trying to “honor”. There’s no harm in changing it but it could cost a great deal just to keep it,” freshman Analena Yarbrough said.

 Though the students have answered, the people that are being portrayed in the mascots haven’t. The Ute Indian Museum’s director, CJ Brafford gave some of her thoughts about the potential mascot change.

“Time for a change because history needs to be rewritten because when it was written, it was from a different point of view. We all need to work together to find the solution,” Lakota Sioux member CJ Brafford said.

Most Montrose students agree that they would like to keep our mascot, but some are open to change and are already brainstorming new mascot ideas.