Cheer Travels to State


Courtesy Photo

Montrose cheer team State.

Abygayle England, Reporter

The cheer team competed in the 4A state tournament on March 20, 2021 in Colorado Springs where they finished 14th.

     The 2020-2021 cheer season started in August of 2020. In a typical season, the cheer team will have 40-60 students go out, but this year they only had 20 students try-out. In a regular season, the team will go to 2-3 competitions, but this year they only got to compete at state.

     “Covid affected the cheer team this year in many different ways. For starters, we had to always be wearing a mask during practice… we could only do one competition this year when we normally can go to 2-3 competitions in out season. Our season didn’t last as long as it normally does unfortunately due to Covid,” captain Kendall Noles said.

     Covid definitely affected their season a lot because they couldn’t go to any competitions before state to scout out the competition. 

     “We definitely had plenty of time to prepare, especially because we didn’t cheer at as many sporting events,” head coach Sharon Bacus said.

     In a normal season, the cheer team will cheer at football games, basketball games, and at wrestling duals, but again because of Covid, they were only able to cheer at the football games.

     “Personally, I was OK with only cheering at football games considering it is my third year doing cheer and I have experienced cheering at other sports games, but I do wish the new girls could have experienced cheering at basketball and wrestling because I know whenever I started cheer that I really liked cheering at those games,” Noles said.

     All together, this season was the best it could have been with Covid and other complications that the team faced.