Boys Varsity Soccer Starts Their Season With A Win


Juniors Quincy Cooling and Logan Boyers defending the ball against Palisade.

Chelsea Garcia

The Montrose Boys Varsity Soccer team started their season off with a win against Palisade High School on Friday August 27th with the final score being 6-0.

 Junior Quincy Cooling scored three goals, senior Aiden Harrell scored two goals, and sophomore Christian Lucero scored one.

“Everyone played great, and it was a great start for an exciting season,” Cooling said.

“It felt good to start off our season with a win, I feel like it gave us the confidence we needed to be ready for better teams,” Lucero said.

Although it was only their first game of the season the boys are already looking at what they can improve on to continue having success for the rest of the season.

“As a team we just have to focus on the small things like spacing and passing. We had some success with that but it’s a lot better to keep the ball then having to defend constantly,” Harrell said.

“We just need to play the whole game and not be lazy near the end of the game and near half,” Cooling said.

The boys soccer team is looking forward to what they can accomplish this season. The team has been league champions for the past two seasons in a row and they’re working towards their third season championship. This season, the team also hopes to make the playoffs and if they continue as strong they started, it is more then possible.