Pop Star Russ

kaitlin krause


 Pop star Russell Vital, stage name Russ is a singer, song writer, rapper and a producer. Vital grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and started getting popular after releasing multiple independent singles and albums. Russ signed with majors and then dropped his breakthrough album “There’s Really a Wolf”.

He has dropped multiple singles and albums since being signed with Columbia Records. Vital’s most popular songs are “Psycho pt. 2”, “Losin Control” “Pull the trigger” and ‘BEST ON EARTH’. ‘BEST ON EARTH’ was number 83, 63, and 46 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. He also just dropped ‘when I’m with you’ on all platforms, fans have expressed their love of the song on Twitter.

Russ now has 60 upcoming tour dates in 2021-2022. He will be performing all across the world and his next tour date is September 30th, in El Paso, Texas. Russ’s tour got canceled because of COVID in 2020, so this year he will be touring performing ‘Shake the Snow Globe’.