Class of 2022: Masterson


Cameron Trujillo- Johnson

Cullen Masterson feels like his high experience was okay. Cullen felt like he had some cool classes, made good friends and did a few fun things. But he mainly felt like school was just alright.

Masterson said “I’m a part of the Latter-day Saint”. So he plans to take a two year mission. From there Cullen plans on attending Brigham Young University.

Cullen’s hobbies include rock climbing and skiing which are his top two passions. Masterson has been rock climbing and skiing for about three years now.

Masterson is mainly looking forward to having the responsibilities and freedom of being an adult. Cullen is looking forward to making his own decisions and to be living his life the way he wants too.

The best memory of high school is “honestly if you choose the right classes the best memories come from there”, said Cullen Masterson. 

Cullen feels like almost every class he took he made good friends, had great discussions and had some good laughs in.