Class of 2022: Ray


Morgan Pelham, Editor

Alexis ray is the kind of person who mainly likes to stick to herself. Alexis mainly enjoys spending her time with friends and family, watching movies on Netflix, spending time outdoors or eating food.

Ray felt like her experience “wasn’t anything extraordinary, but I had my fun and bad memories of high school”,Ray said.

Alexis’ plan after high school is to go to college at some point. Ray is still unsure where she would like to attend, because she was accepted to NAU,UNM,CMU and western as well. Ray would like to major in psychology and business or finance.

Ray is mainly looking forward to living life on her own. She’s looking forward to having the new responsibilities and consequences that come with her making her own decisions. “I’m ready to navigate through life on my own for once”, Ray says.

Alexis feels like her best memories in high school was the football games mostly because “I loved being in those energetic crowds of my peers supporting my other peers with such passion”, Ray said. Ray had many memories in high school but being there at the football games with the crowd made her feel like she was apart of something special something important.