Class of 2022: Destiny Evans


Morgan Pelham

Senior Destiny Evans loves hanging out with friends, playing lacrosse and doing acrylic nails. She was on our Montrose ladies lacrosse team for 2 years, and she really enjoyed it.

Destiny applied for a grant through grip tape to help her cosmetology career get started. Grip tape gave her 500 dollars to get all her supplies, she has meetings with them every two weeks to make sure she’s accomplishing her goals. 

“I always love getting my nails done and the times I’ve tried to do my own and sisters I just thought it was really fun,”Evans said. 

Evan’s plans on attending Colorado Mesa university to continue her nursing career and cosmetology career. She has already taken a class the high school provides to get her started on the right path towards becoming a nurse. 

“I’ve always enjoyed going into the nursing homes when I was little to talk to the old people. My mom has been in the healthcare industry for a while now and she also loves it, it’s always been an interest to me,”Evan’s said. 

Evans high school experience was really good, but she definitely had her ups and downs freshman and sophomore year. By trying to adjust and get her mind in the right place.

Her favorite high school memories were dances, spirit week, and football games. She is looking forward to being able to branch out and be able to experience some things on her own.