Homemade lasagna


Destiny Evans, on trend

This recipe is an easy,fast,and a delicious dinner! 

For this recipe my main ingredient would be the meat and sauce I had to a make sure the combination had a good flavor before I started putting it all together. The next step was to boil the noodles so they’d be soft, then after they were done I put my noodles in foil pan, preheated the oven to 450 and started my layers. 



1 ½ pounds of hamburger meat 

1 can of Ragu flavored meat sauce 

1 big can of ricotta cheese

2 packs of oven ready lasagna noodles 

20 chopped mushrooms 

1 small can of cut black olives 

to top off shredded Mozzarella cheese and olives on top. 


let bake for 40 minutes with foil on top then 30 minutes without. Then ready to serve! 

can add salad for a side


prep time: 20