Montrose wins on Senior Night


Abygayle England

Junior Kamron Algeria gets ready to down Central’s Hassin Maynes in the first round of the match. After taking Maynes down, Algeria ended up losing the match by pinfall in the third round.

Josiah Mora, Sports Reporter

The Indians and the seniors had one last home dual February 2 against the Grand Junction Central Warriors where they honored seniors Adriel Martinez, Michael Nikolaev, Xander Cervantes, Isaiah Alcazar, and Manager Brielle Hickert. The dual against the Warriors was close, but Montrose came out on top (42-39). They also had a match against Cedaredge February 3 where the Indians lost (27-48).

“It’s been fun but Covid has really been hindering myself and the team but other than that the team has been doing good,” junior Aaron Simpson said.

The seniors on the team had a successful home dual with all seniors winning except but one. The boys all had tough matches against Grand Junction Central, but Junior Kamron Alegria probably had one of the hardest matches of the night, going against Hassin Maynes the kid that beat him at the warrior classic to place  5th and 6th.Kamron Algeria also lost the dual via pinball  but won the following night against Cedaredge.

With no more matches left, and after only having two home duals, the Indians are still looking at the bigger picture (Regionals and State) with powerhouse Dmarian Lopez still rolling through anything in his path. Lopez is ranked #2 with no losses.

Lopez may be one of the favorites going into Regionals, but his teammates are still just as motivated as him to put in the hard work and do the best they can.

“I think if we really push ourselves, eat healthy, and staying in the best shape then I think many of us will do very well at state/regionals,” junior Micah Simpson said.

Regionals will take place place Friday, February 11 and Saturday, February 12 in Broomfield where the Indians will wrestle for their place in the State tournament. Only the top 4 people from each region and weight will get to have a chance at a state title.