Class of 2022, Jonnie Trujillo-Johnston


Morgan Pelham

Senior Jonnie Trujillo-johnston is a very upbeat, bubbly, and positive person. She loves to be outdoors exploring new things and being as active as she can. She also enjoys and baking. She’s had a fun time in this town making memories and new friends but is excited to have bigger experiences out of this simple town. 

“My time at Montrose High School was very fulfilling and worthwhile because it is such a positive and helpful environment,” Trujillo said. 

Jonnie will be attending Fort Lewis University in Durango to pursue a degree in environmental science. Her favorite outdoor activity is hiking. While she she hikes she takes in her surroundings; she is intrigued by trees and some bugs as well. One of her favorite hikes she has been on is at in the Grand Canyon. She chose Fort Lewis because of the wonderful environment and opportunities a new school will offer. 

“I’m searching for radical experiences that will make me say WOW!” Trujillo said. 

While Jonnie attended Montrose High School she was a part of The Pride of Montrose, aka the marching band for the first three years. Her she excelled at playing the saxophone and was the section leader her junior year.  

“Many people look down on marching bands and think it’s easy, but I feel like it is one of the most demanding sports,” Trujillo said.  

Jonnie had a great experience at Montrose, she loved it, her favorite part was being able to drive out of the senior lot at the end of the school day.