MHS plays Delta for their senior night


Brenda Metheney

Montrose Seniors pose for a picture.

Abygayle England, Reporter

On Tuesday, May 10th, the MHS Baseball team had their last home game and held their senior night, against Delta Panthers. They beat Delta 19-9 in the 6th inning by 10 run rule. 

“The game went good against delta, always good beating them,” starting catcher Gage Wareham said. 

In the first inning, Delta batted first and scored the first run of the game, but shortly after, Montrose scored 4 runs, with sophomore Jackson Barnett scoring the first run for the Indians while 3 more runs were score after him, making to score of the 1st inning 4-1 with the Indians in the lead. In the second inning, the Indians held the Panthers to their 1 run from the first inning while the Indians scored 5 runs. 

“I feel like I could’ve pitched better by hitting spots on the corner of the strike zone but luckily the team made plays behind me and we hit well and made the most of the opportunities they gave us after walking multiple people and ultimately it ended up getting us the win,” starting pitcher Parker Davis said.

In the third inning, Senior Parker Davis earned two of the three outs of the inning for the Indians with two strikeouts. Barnett hit a double bringing in another run. Delta scored 4 times this inning with a double and a couple other hits. Making the score 5-10. In the fourth inning, neither of the teams scored, but a grounder from the panthers was hit to Junior Rocco Manuel at second base, where he flipped it to Barnett at shortstop to role it up for a double play after throwing it to first. 

“We swung the bats very well with good approaches, but we played poor defense,” head coach Landon Wareham said.

In the 5th inning, sophomore Titus Weese was brought in as a relief pitcher for Davis, where he pitched a strikeout for the third out of the inning. This inning, delta scored 1 and Montrose scored 4, making the score now 14-6. In the 6th and final inning of the game, Delta hit two home runs, but then Montrose slowly pulled ahead and ended up 10 run ruling Delta. The end score of the game was 19-9. 

“I feel like I did pretty good, there was times that I didn’t hit my spots, but overall id did pretty good, it’s always good to beat Delta,” Weese said.  

After the game, Montrose celebrated their five seniors, Zeke Steenburgen, Leo Burton, Luke Hutto, Aiden Hutto, and Parker Davis. 

“We are losing 5 really good seniors who have done everything for our program. That’s always thought to replace, but we have good young kids too,” Wareham said. 

The team played their last scheduled game against Palisade on May 16th where the lost 15-4. They will now go on to play in the playoffs.